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Common Questions

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There are always a lot of questions when it comes to Qigong.

Below are answers to some of the most common ones I’ve received.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to get in touch and ask away.


Can I train Qigong if I have any injuries?

The answer depends to the grade of your injury. Is it an old injury or is it something that happened to you a week ago? Is it an injury that still hurts? If you experience pain when standing with your both feet on the ground, weight equally distributed, then you can not practice Qigong. The best thing is to send me a message and I would evaluate the situation. However, it is your doctor and/or physiotherapist that will finally decide if you can join a Qigong class.

Can Qigong Cure Certain Health Conditions?

Qigong represents one of the pillars of Traditional Chinese Medicine. There are still clinics in China that cure patients only applying Traditional Chinese Medicine. However, Qigong is rather seen in our modern world as a part of an integrative treatment plan. Qigong benefits greatly your health by improving blood circulation, which has a huge impact on every single organ, muscle and bone. It is proven to improve migraines, hormonal balance, gastrointestinal issues. It can relieve and improve any kind of problems originating from the spine, low back, neck and shoulders. Please, contact SHEN for more information





Do I need to be at a certain athletic level to train?

No. All Qigong classes at Shen Medical Qigong are free to enter for people who used to do sport or execute other fitness activities regularly to people who are not exercising at all. It is important to mention that your level of flexibility, body morphology or endurance are not crucial. You can adjust to the forms and slowly progress. The most important thing is to understand the mechanics of the moves and put your intention into it.

Can I do Qigong if I am pregnant?

Yes. Absolutely. You will relax and strengthen your body and your baby will be happy and healthy. In case of pregnancy, please inform the instructor to adjust certain moves for you.

Can I access online all classes at Shen Medical Qigong?

You can access online all classes that are held indoors. The outdoor classes are available only in person.

Do I need to be at certain age to attend Qigong classes?

No. Qigong classes can be attended by people of any age. Children can do Qigong as well.

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