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Qigong for Emotional Balance and Healthy Organs

Qigong Moves to Detox Organs from Stored Negative Emotions

Bad mood, mood swings and negative emotions impact not only our emotional, but as well our physical body. It is proven that negative emotions lead to numerous tensions all over the body resulting in low energy levels, bad posture, muscle pains, bad sleep and many more. As a consequence, the connective tissue (fascia) that wraps and supports all our organs, bones, joints and muscles hardens. Tight fascia decreases the space between the fibers, limits blood circulation and increases friction and irritation.

Tensions, stagnant energy and blockages all over the body can be successfully treated with qigong thanks to the twisting, compressing and expanding of fascia in a smooth and harmonious way.

Yin and Yang Organs

According to the Traditional Chinese Medicine, there are Yin (zang) and Yang (fu) organs.

  • Yin organs (zang)

Yin organs store only pure, refined, vital substances – qi, blood, essence, body fluids that they receive from yang organs after transformation of food and air.

  • Yang organs (fu)

Yang organs do not store but empty and refill – they receive, move, digest and excrete.

Every zang organ pairs with one fu organ. As pictured below in the chart, every pair corresponds to one negative emotion, one season and one element of nature.

5 Element White Tiger Qigong

The 5 Element Qigong which I have learnt at White Tiger Qigong comprises 5 forms, named after 5 animals and picturing their spirit and the spirit of the element they represent. They consist in dynamic moves and strong stances. The pick of the move targets one Yin (zang) organ and its corresponding emotion. By twisting, pressing and extending the organ, the blood circulation towards gets improved and blockages first subsidies and then with the time disappear.

The Dragon form targets the health of the kidneys and the emotion of fear.

The Tiger form targets the health of the lungs and the emotion of grief.

The Snake targets the health of the spleen and the emotion of worry.

The Crane targets the health of the heart and the emotion of excess desire.

5 Element Meditation with Colour, Sound and Visualization

This practice is connected as well to a meditation, consisting of sounds, and colour visualization. There is a corresponding colour and sound for every organ. The colour relates to the element from the chart above. By visualizing the colour in the organ and saying the dedicated sound, you replace the negative emotion by its positive antidote.

The 6 Healing Sounds

When pronounced the 6 Healing Sounds gently vibrate and stimulate the vagus nerve, which releases stress and anxiety. Each of these vocal tones vibrates through the body in a unique frequency that activates a specific element and its related organ. The sound waves access to the particular organ and open up energetic blocks and stagnation.

Benefits at a Glance of Regular Medical Qigong Practice:

- strengthens core muscles;

- increases energy levels;

- speeds up metabolism and controls weight;

- improves posture;

- strengthens the immune system;

- heals all kind of spine pain – neck pain, low back pain;

- relives chronic pai;

- successfully treats insomnia, migraines;

- calms the nervous system;

- flush toxins out;

- reduces anxiety, stress and depressive symptoms;

- improves the overall quality of life.

Shen Medical Qigong offers various classes dedicated to women’s health. If you would like to improve your physical health and emotional balance, contact us.

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